• Fancy tackling that reservoir but never had the confidence to approach such a large daunting body of water?
  • Where do I start?  What flies to use?  How do I find fish in such a huge expanse?
  • Loch Style fishing. Keen to learn about fishing the drift? We all know it is the most productive way to tackle a large water.

Loch Style fishing is my speciality and I have recently qualified for the 2014 England Loch Style fishing team!

I can show you all the basics right from setting up the drogue, tackle and fly selection, how to find a successful drift line and to set the boat depending on the prevailing conditions. Through to the finer points of how

water craft, entomology, temperature, pressure and visibility affect fish behaviour and holding areas etc...

As an experienced fly angler of over 25 years and a successful competition angler, I can offer a guiding service on either Hanningfield reservoir or Chigboro fisheries; both ideal locations for those wanting to perfect boat or bank fishing techniques. I can guide you on these venues and show you the correct methods and approaches to increase your catch rate or search out that trophy fish!

Guiding is available on a full day basis only.

Days on Hanningfield reservoir are not available from December until mid-March due to closed season.


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